14 Unusual Jobs That Will Make Your Job Seem Very Hard.

Furniture Tester

Furniture testers have found the perfect job! They get paid to sit or lay down on beds, couches, and other furniture products to make sure that they are comfortable. Sometimes, while testing beds, they may even get to sleep on the clock since manufacturers have to make sure their products are comfortable enough to sleep on. This next job may also require a bed…

Adult Toy Tester

If you’re a prude, this job isn’t for you. Just like products in other industries, adult toys need to be tested for quality, too. That’s where you would come in. Companies would send you their items, and then you would test them. After you’re done, you would rate them for ‘fulfillment’ using a company provided scale. The next time you’re stuck in an elevator with a lot of people, you’ll have these guys to thank.

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