14 Unusual Jobs That Will Make Your Job Seem Very Hard.

Armpit Sniffer

Deodorant companies employ “armpit sniffers” to test the efficiency of their products on subjects that have spent some time working up a sweat. Sometimes these people are sniffing up to 60 armpits in an hour! But, thanks to them, we don’t have to deal with people that are smelling a bit ripe. This new line of work might be able to help you on those lonely nights.

Professional Cuddler

In a world that’s very tech-driven, people tend to get a bit lonely. And sometimes people just crave human touch, without the sexual acts that may come with it. Well, now there are people that can provide the perfect service. Professional cuddlers come to your house and give you the contact that you desire. The golden rule: no sexual contact, at all. This next job also requires a lot of touching.

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