14 Unusual Jobs That Will Make Your Job Seem Very Hard.

Face Feeler

Facial products that allow you to have smooth, soft skin are huge sellers. So, beauty companies now employ “face feelers” to get the job done right. These people are employed to touch subject’s skin before, and after, they’ve applied the product. Since this job requires skill, not everyone can do it. This next job might not be for you, unless your palate can handle anything.

Stunt Tester

Game shows, like Fear Factor, sometimes make contestants eat nasty things, it’s what attracts people to watch. Since these things are not usually something humans eat, producers have to make sure they’re safe to consume. So, they hire stunt testers to eat bugs and other unpleasant things. Eating these things can be a health hazard, so they are well compensated for their risk. Have you ever asked yourself where bait shops get their merchandise from?

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