14 Unusual Jobs That Will Make Your Job Seem Very Hard.

Paper Towel Sniffer

When it comes to people’s noses, you can’t be too careful with what products to use. Paper towel sniffers are paid to smell tissues and other products to make sure the odor is pleasant enough for sensitive noses. Since it pays pretty well, there’s always a line on the waiting list. Like most people, you probably hate waiting in lines. Now, there are people that can save you from doing it.

Water Slide Tester

Water slides take lots of physics and engineering to build, but like many things, it takes some testing in order to perfect them. Water slide testers are hired to ensure that slides have enough water, don’t make people go too fast, and are just generally safe to ride. So, the next time you’re flying down a water slide, you know exactly who to thank.

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