17 Secrets Of A Boyfriend’s Life Which He Never Talks About Unless You Ask Him

Couples out there, relationships are a must, right? Well, from the emotional stability gained to all the wreck created by arguments, one goes through many ups and downs when in a relationship. You don’t desire much of it, but one comes along with another. It often comes down to one simple thing – transparency, for staying happy or satisfied in a relationship. To all the women, it’s easier said than done because to come out with one’s true self is tough and if your man comes out with the truth, you’ll crave for mystery. Accept it; you like men who are like a book and would prefer to go through the pages of it with time instead of all together. Well, (beware men) even then your loved one has not been truly honest with you and the following points will tell you how you failed to read between the lines.


To start with his past, he would never talk to you about his exes and even make sure that you never stumble upon her name or in person even by mistake. He has been in relationships, but he rather likes to avoid mistakes, which were made in the past. He wants to keep those memories shared with his ex-girlfriend’s at bay and not affect his present with you.


You might think that he’s being mean yet he also never wants to let you know about his sickness or when he falls ill. Because he doesn’t want you to get worked up or worry too much about when there’s already much going on in your own life to manage.

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