Month: November 2015

15 Perfectly Timed Photos Of The World’s Largest Dogs, #4 Scares Me.

Sometimes we Click a photo we don’t expect, our pets appearing larger than life or out of proportion.To the experts, it’s an easy explanation. the animal is closer to the lens than the other subjects in the photograph. To us animal lovers, our dogs are that large, at least, in our hearts. Here’s some cool photos […]

22 Photos Where Nothing Is What It Seems… Take A Closer Look.

Below are 22 incredible body paintings done by a variety of artists (check under the photo to see the artist’s name). Body painting has been around for centuries, and has become more prevalent in the West since the 1960s. See if you can see all the people in these, a lot of photos involve more than […]

They Are Building A Forest In The Sky. And I Can’t Wait To Live There.

Stefano Boeri, an Italian architect with an affinity for innovative green structures, is set to build a 117m-tall (384ft) apartment tower in Lausanne, Switzerland, that will be the first building in the world to be covered in evergreen trees. The 36-story green tower, aptly named “La Tour des Cedres” (The Tower of Cedars), will be […]

30 Of The Creepiest Places On Earth. #29 Chilled Me To The Bone.

Whale Bone Alley – Siberia Eighty-two miles off the coast of Alaska lies this macabre sight: a scattering of whale jawbones, ribs and vertebrae. Experts believe that these bones date all the way back to the 15th century, and could have been used as a place of worship. The Nazca Lines – Peru The animal […]

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