Amusing Comics That Nail The Disappointing Beauty Of Relationships.

Finding a person you click with might be the easiest part of a relationship. It’s all the baggage that that each individual carries with them that can often break a relationship up. But as long as you are both in it for the long run, willing to work through anything that can negatively impact your love, your chances of survival are pretty good.

Graphic artists have the magical touch of highlighting how complex people can be. Unless you get to observe from the outside, it’s hard to recognize your own issues and quirks. Good thing these illustrators have brought in full colour the ups and downs of being in love.

That moment he realizes she is not to be crossed, particularly in front of another pretty woman.

Cippy Sup

Explaining yourself and what you will and will not in the relationship is key. Even if the pledge is morbid.

Twue Friends

When assets are being used for a specific purpose in the relationship. At least they both have motives.

Don’t trust old sayings, they mean nothing. Trust your heart and your gut, and just go for it! 

GAF Comics

You don’t need to plan anything elaborate to enjoy each other’s company. Know what works for the two of you. 


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