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These Intimate Portraits Of Angelina Jolie Are Absolutely Jaw Dropping.

As far as Hollywood couples are concerned, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are basically royalty. In addition to their acting chops and seemingly great relationship, they’re known for their philanthropic endeavors, commitment to raising a family, and keeping their private life under wraps. However, W Magazine recently released these intimate portraits of Angelina Jolie, taken […]

These 30 Picture Are So Simple And Clever You Cant Stop Smiling At !

Javier Perez, also known as Cintascotch, never imagined that so many people would love his simple drawings. His whimsical doodles have earned him over 120,000 followers on Instagram. Perez feels that people need a break from the high saturation photo world of Instagram, and that we should create art everyday no matter what our skills […]

15 World Records You Should Try To Break #10 Is Seriously WTF.

If you thought world records were reserved solely for profession athletes, you couldn’t be more wrong. As evidenced by the vast catalog that is the Guinness Book of World Records, there are all sorts of basic records out there that can help you secure your place in history. That’s right — you,  can finally show […]

10 Most Thrilling Rides In the World #3 Will Terrify You.

These rides take you gyrating through crazy loops, and then they soar to mind-boggling heights, making your heart gallop at bullet speeds, and just when they hit their lofty summits, they drop down into what feels like the deepest pits. Go through this list that points out some of the scariest rides from across the […]

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