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Differences Between New And Long Term Relationships

There is something that happens when you fall in love. You let go of all the pretense and wall you build up around others. For better or for worse, once you let your guard down, your lover gets to see and know the real, genuine you. You may show up to work completely poised and […]

20 Solid Differences Between being Single and being Unmarried.

A number of the differences between being Single and being Unmarried are definitely obvious. For starters, while you‘re in a relationship, there’s this character who seems to need to hang out with you and observe you to activities like bars, eating places, and the films — and you seem to need to do the same thing to them. However […]

30 Weirdest And Hard-To-Figure Facts About China.

China is a huge, overwhelming, and totally fascinating country to be in right now. It seems to be a mixture of unusual old traditions and new advancements, many of which are equally as strange. Here, we’ve put together 30 of the weirdest and hard-to-figure facts about this incredible country. #1. Split-pants For Children In China. Split-pants […]

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