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The 25 Most Epic Bathroom Fails You’ll Ever See.

It doesn’t take a genius to install a toilet in the bathroom. As long as the plumbing is there, all the installer has to do is ensure the size of the bathroom and the toilet will fit according to the measurements previously taken. Aside from that, it is just a matter of following instructions. In […]

14 Funny Photos Guaranteed To Make You Laugh. #11 Is Just Wrong.

This compilation of photos that are guaranteed to make you crack a smile – even if you’re buried under a mound of paperwork and backed  up emails. This dear old dad, who just doesn’t understand how to Internet. This trendsetting phone case. This poor soul, who is having a bit of Absolut Sidewalk. The cat […]

25 Photos That Prove You’ve Got A Dirty Mind #15 Looks Painful.

It’s not that we have an inappropriate mind, it’s that circumstances take us there. People really need to study their images to ensure they are getting the result they wanted. Otherwise, an arm, leg or the angle the image was taken will take a whole different meaning. Here are perfectly or imperfectly timed photos that makes […]

15 World Records You Should Try To Break #10 Is Seriously WTF.

If you thought world records were reserved solely for profession athletes, you couldn’t be more wrong. As evidenced by the vast catalog that is the Guinness Book of World Records, there are all sorts of basic records out there that can help you secure your place in history. That’s right — you,  can finally show […]

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