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I Had No Idea about these 22 Strange Animals Even Existed Ever.

Discovering new animals is rare, but they are out there and it does happen when scientists trek into remote areas of the world. Here are 22 very peculiar looking creatures they’ve found that you’ve probably never seen. This festive looking Amazonian royal flycatcher builds its nest on tree branches hanging over the water, making it difficult for predators to reach. […]

29 Absolutely Stunning Photos Of Animals In The Wild.

Marina Cano is a wildlife photographer based in Cantabria, Spain. She’s been passionate about taking pictures since she was a teenager. Her wildlife photographs have been published around the world and have won many international awards. Marina has published two photography books, Cabárceno and Drama & Intimacy, featuring wildlife from South Africa, England, and Spain. […]

33 Famous Locations Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before.

Here is a collection of photographs that offer a completely new perspective on places we have all seen but from a bird’s eye view. Each picture is absolutely breathtaking and might make you wonder how it was taken in the first place. Despite seeing a wider view of common places or a new postcard perfect […]

These 34 Optical Illusions Is Definitely Going To Trick Your Brain.

Optical illusions are amusing to take a look at, but the traditional variety can leave you with a major headache. Fortunately, optical dream photography is significantly cooler – yet won’t make them go cross-looked at. These stunning high contrast photographs all entertain the concept of reality and hallucination, and they’re executed exceptionally well. They’re from a […]

She Traveled Around The World To Discover That ‘Beauty’ Is Everywhere.

The Atlas of Beauty, in which Romanian Photographer Mihaela Noroc catches feminine beauty around the globe. Noroc has experienced ladies all around from remote groups to New York’s social mixture. Outfitted with very little more than a Bagpack and camera, Noroc has flown out to places, for example, Afghanistan, Myanmar, and Turkey, among numerous others this time […]

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