Cute Couple’s Selfie Turns Creepy, Look At What Mirror Shows.

Some claim that selfies are a form of self-expression while others compare it more to self-absorption. But regardless of your stance on the matter is, the selfie craze is sweeping through social media, and there may be no end in sight. That’s because whether we like it or not, image is terribly important to us. We often define ourselves by the praises and opinions of others. But when we post a photo on social media, we often leave ourselves vulnerable to negativity as well.

On April 26th, Andy Fuentes posted a selfie photo of himself with his girlfriend.

That’s nothing out of the ordinary, right? After all, it looks like two young people holding each other and facing the camera in a standard pose.


So how do you explain that the tweeted selfie went viral after Fuentes posted it?

If you look closely, there’s more to this photo than meets the eye and it’s actually kind of spooky once you figure it out.


There’s something a bit supernatural about this photo. Can’t you see it?

Look to the left hand side of the selfie and you’ll notice the girlfriend turning back and smiling at the reflection. But wait! The angle of that reflection is all wrong!


Although the woman in the photo is looking at the camera, her reflection isn’t.

She has her back facing against the mirror, so how we see her face showing up in the mirror anyway? It’s impossible, right?


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