Differences Between New And Long Term Relationships

There is something that happens when you fall in love. You let go of all the pretense and wall you build up around others. For better or for worse, once you let your guard down, your lover gets to see and know the real, genuine you.

You may show up to work completely poised and confident only to get home to steal your partner’s big, comfy hoodie without a trace of make-up on. This does not mean you have stopped caring, on the contrary, you are letting that person into your world and your beau is reciprocating the same way.

It may seem that only what you and your other-half experience is exclusive to your relationship. Except, some very talented illustrators have shown us that love is universal and the way we behave in many ways is predictable and natural. Perhaps humans in love in the end, are all the same.

Everyone knows when they are not looking their best, still, we want our other half to see us gorgeous so our inner beauty can shine through.

Sarah Graley

Sarah Graley

Because we all know the term “borrow” is subjective. Some things are just meant to go to a new owner.

Sarah Graley

Sarah Graley

It’s not enough to groom for your lovey, it’s important he knows you took the time to take care of yourself.

Sarah Graley

There is no need to fix something that is not broken.

When you know exactly how much time you need to get ready to be in sync with your honey.

Seduction progresses through time, no need to spend money on lingerie or rose petals when you are all he needs.

You may be in love but that does not mean you both deal with an argument the same way.

A boyfriend is more than the guy you go on a romantic dinner date or see the latest Hollywood blockbuster with.

Sarah Graley

Everyone else’s quirky, fashion style may not make sense to you, except when it comes to your love.

Everything in a relationship develops in stages. The more you are in her heart, the more she can be herself.

There are some days when nothing seems to go right. It seems nothing can make you feel better but then there is that one person who renews you every time.

Some say technology makes people withdrawn from each other, we would like to show exhibit A.

Beauty is literally in the eye of the beholder.

Because the language of seduction is different for everyone.

You hate baby, cutesy talk, except when it comes to your cuddly bug and you.

 Never underestimate the power of your body on him, even if you have been together for years.

There are some things couples don’t do to each other if they want to keep the peace such as being faithful to each other and to your traditions.

 The evolution of dating. From a beauty queen to “you already know what I look like made up.”

There is a reason Netflix and chill became a thing for couple’s everywhere.

The next big step in a relationship is the arrival of cats. They take over your life.

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