15 Gangsters Of India And The Jaw Dropping Facts About Them.

We know that, since the previous century the activities of gangster have been rising rapidly. Where, some of the leading gangsters of India also started their dark career along with the black marketing activities like black marketing of movie tickets. Additionally, here is the list of some top 15 Indian gangsters with their jaw dropping facts.

#1. Dawood Ibrahim

He is a Global terrorist with $6.7 billion net worth.

It would be unfair to say that you haven’t heard the name Dawood Ibrahim. He is a founder of D-company and he currently holding a position at no.3 in world’s most deadly criminal list record. Once there was rumour that he had close association with al-Qaeda and he personally knew Osama Bin Laden. It was believed that he was living his life under the protection of Inter-Services Intelligence in Pakistan. But recently his location shifted near to the borders. As per the resource, he was involved in the 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai and also it was said that he was the mastermind behind Mumbai Bombing in 1993. According to an Indian cricketer Dilip Vengsarkar, once Dawood personally approached him to beat the Pakistani cricket team in their dressing room and in favour of this he would buy a luxurious car to every single Indian team member.

#2. Abu Salem

He was the one who allegedly supplied weapons to the Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt. He is known for extorting money from Bollywood actors, invested in film production and he often challenged in grabbing overseas rights of Bollywood films. His men allegedly killed personal assistance of actress Manisha Koirala and also murdered founder of the T-series music label Gulshan Kumar.

His father was a lawyer. Before Salem would found himself in the world of crime he spend his career as taxi driver, delivery boy to garment salesman. After his career in the field of crime, he was soon appointed as a delivery man for arms and ammunitions by the top gangster Dawood. Alike Dawood, Salem was also involved in serial bomb blast in Mumbai 1993. 

#3. Tiger Memon

Tiger Memon got his nickname as ‘Tiger’ after leading the police force into a car chase which was at a speed of over 100km/hr skyrocketing across one way roads. Tiger was the prime suspects behind the serial bomb blast in 1993 Mumbai. In 1989 custom officers raided his house. Once custom officer founded 8 bars of gold and when they tired to seize them, Memon quiet dramatically said, “I’m Tiger, and you dare remove the gold”. Then instantly banged his head into one of the member of the Custom officer’s face and escaped from the scene which made him legendary.

#4. Chhota Rajan

Wanted for 17 murders, more attempted murders, drug trafficking, smuggling extortion and even funding of films.

He is the former lieutenant of Dawood Ibrahim. But ever since he fled the country in 1988, Dawood and Chhota Rajan are arch-rivals. Following this split, their followers have often engaged in bloody shootouts. A story goes that once Chhota Rajan had lured one of Dawood men into his hotel room in Bangkok and then tortured him to death. In turn Dawood attempted to assassinate Rajan in 2000 but failed. Rajan counter-attacked and killed Sharad Shetty which proved to be a crippling blow to Dawood’s crime syndicate.

The 2002 film Company had a character Chandu loosely based on Chhota Rajan.

#5. Bada Rajan

Wanted for black marketing of tickets and making truck load of money out of it in the 70s and 80s Mumbai (among other things).

Before joining Dawood, Chhota Rajan was the chief lieutenant of Bada Rajan (yup, that’s essentially where he got his name from). In fact Bada Rajan played a significant role in establishing Dawood as Mumbai’s Underground Don. He was once stabbed in a local train by a rival gang member. At the end an auto rickshaw driver named Chandrashekar Safalika took a ‘supari’ of 5 million and killed Bada Rajan in cold blood.

The 1991 Malayalam film Abhimanyu is loosely inspired by Bada Rajan’s life.

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