15 Photos Which Prove That Life Can Troll You Anytime

Life is unpredictable and full of unfortunate incidents. No matter how much you think and plan, you still cannot do them when things don’t turn up in your favour. The following compilation of photos has been done by us just to prove the point. These perfectly timed photos prove that life can’t get any worse […]

The Way You Hug Your Partner Says A Lot About Your Relationship

A relationship is a beautiful thing to be in. The love that a couple shares is inexpressible. But many times problems pop up wich you may not realize. They may be small and negligible, to begin with. But with time, they grow out of proportion. We are no experts on relationship but we strongly believe […]

Humans Once Believed These Seven Animals Existed

The thought of these animals would scare you! We, humans have an excellent time imagining things. We are creative beings after all. It was yesterday when I was sitting with my niece, and I saw her drawing a giant horned rabbit on her sheet. From fur-bearing trout to a giant horned rabbit, people have a […]

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