25 Most Ridiculous Insurance Claims Ever.

While insurance plays an important role in society there are pitfalls to any social system. Of course, not everybody on this list is out to suck as much money as they can from the insurance companies…some are genuinely having a terribly unfortunate day, but either way these claims can be pretty funny. These are the 25 most ridiculous insurance claims ever.

#1. A Goose and a Diamond.

A Texas woman filed a claim on her diamond ring after her goose swallowed it. Apparently she had spent several weeks sifting through goose poop without any luck. The insurance company refused to pay but did suggest dissection. The woman’s tough choice was made for her when the goose flew away.

1 goose

#2. The Global Financial Crisis

Since the Great Depression of the 1930′s, the recent global financial crisis was by far the most financially devastating. It led to insurance companies dishing out over $100 billion.


#3. Head Butt

A claim was filed by a Virginia man stating that his windshield was head butted by an angry deer on his way to work. Unfortunately evidence was lacking.

3 deer1

#4. A Titanic Claim

A couple made a claim on their camera after they lost it over the side of cruise ship trying to film themselves recreating that  scene in Titanic.

4 titanic

#5. Buried Treasure

The children of a couple on vacation in Italy ended up burying their parent’s camera in the sand. Fortunately the insurance company didn’t bury their claim.

5 camera

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