Secret Cam Catches People In Haunted House And The Results Are Scary

Simply hysterical moments!

If a haunted house calls itself ‘fear factory,’ then there must be some reasons for it, right? But now we have got the evidence that supports their ballsy claims. ‘Nightmares Fear Factory,’ located near Niagara Falls in Canada is an attraction for people who visit there. Claiming to be one of the scariest haunted house, the owners of this place strategically placed cameras on their setup to immortalize all the funny faces of terror. These hysterical moments captured through the cameras show pictures ranging from a dad using his son as human-shield to people who thought it was all for real. Those who don’t know these pictures are taken inside a horror house are wondering what the hell these terrified people are looking at, while there are some who are enjoying a good laughter.

#24 Look at those legs, and how much that man in yellow is scared

#23 Hey, what are those parents trying to do with their children?

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