Secret Tricks Behind The ‘Over The Top’ Photos On Social Media Revealed

With the #bowwowchallenge raking up the social media, by posting the behind the scenes with the actual crafted photo, there has been a lot that has now been revealed with the alluring photos on the social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so on.Here we get to you the tricks from social media that people have revealed. Some of them are so crafty and creative that you will be stumped at the thought process of the Instagrammers and the Twitterati, to name a few of the audience networks. Let me tell you, the behind the scenes brought out here can prove to be heart-breaking too, apart from being outrightly hilarious. There are also spoilers such as kids and wind, who have done their bit to spill water on the immense efforts that the muses have put in clicking the pictures.With social media being one of the most important parts of our life, we are most often deceived with these clicks, which we are awe-struck at. Clear the fog around the clicks, here!

When best friends support each other, fully, everywhere!

When those naughty little babies spoil the perfect clicks! Yes, this does happen. 


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