Top 10 hidden secrets that will save you from having a hard time with women.

I think it is the only reason I never receive any call.

want to know what woman think after you exchange your numbers? Come lets talk about it. If you call her the very next day, she might think that you are too desperate to start the things between you two but on the other hand, if you wait for first few days, this will lit a spark in her mind, it will make her think you did you not call her till now. This will make the situation spicier and wil =l give you an upper hand. If you still do not call in the first few day, it will make her desperate to talk to you. A lot of questions will be sprouted in her mind of why, how and what? It will make the situation even more spicier.


Whenever your woman’s mood is angry try to give her more attention.

Try this, the next time your woman gets angry or is ignoring you, giver her even more attention. Try this, whenever she is angry try not ignore or argue with her. Try to give her attention, the more attention you will give her the shorter will be the time period of arguement. She will get pleased by your attention and pleasant behaviour. In the begenning she will try to ignore you, throw tantrums, argue with you after that she will become easy to please and will end the arguements slowly. Seeing no negetive reaction from you she too will become quite after sometime.

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