Top 10 hidden secrets that will save you from having a hard time with women.

Being Human you can never understand women language but god can understand their hidden feelings.

It is said that women can never be understood my men. It is beyond the realm of possibility to understand their feelings and its subsequent actions. Mostly they something, say somethings and do something else. So, for a normal human being it is a complicated theorem that cannot be solved.

Women always love cosmetic things and make-ups.

Living the with women has many many perks, you get a clean home, good food, healthy environment, someone to discuss your daily life with..but when it comes to the bathroom business, believe me it is their area. Anyone living with a women can say that without any doubts that they love cosmetics. Cosmetics need not be of top brands or extremely expensive but they are diffidently in abundance in the cabinets, near the wash basin or every possible place in bathroom which can accommodate things. Nothing is more important than a plethora of cosmetics in the bathroom for them. So, it is possible to see three different bottles of the same products of different companies, they really love to try new things. Curious cats.

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