Top 10 hidden secrets that will save you from having a hard time with women.

A book on women and their interesting secrets were once written by a wise man. The book was blank. I believe almost everyone reading this article would agree with the fact that understanding women is no walk in the park. We can though, through some patterns, can make a rough deduction about the common behaviors.

A woman’s body language can tell you a lot of things. All you need to do is observe it and carefully interpret it. We have brought you here some of the very common body language poses that tou can decipher in time seeing a woman. If she is intestied in you, her behaviour will be a bit gentle towards you her hand will in front signifying approaching pose. If a woman is not interested in something of is being defensive about something she will keep her hands fold in front. This stance signify a defensive position. If she is not intrested in you but just want to be friends, she will neither inclned towards you nor keep her hands folded, in this case her hands will at sides and the last one, if she is really not intrested and irritated with you, any offensive stance will signify it.

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