The World’s 28 Most Unusual Views.#12 Is So Rare It’s Hardly Ever Been Seen.

Take a break from your regular view for a second to admire these: From all over the world, of all different scenes, these views will blow your mind. Explore the creaky bridges of Russia, to the vast expanse of the Sonoma Valley, to the unbelievable cityscapes of Dubai. Let yourself be transported to another place, at least until this list is over and it’s time to get back to work.

#1. The view from this rooftop deck in Murren, Switzerland is unbeatable.

#2. The Lakes of Mount Kelimutu, Indonesia are absolutely stunning — and are said to be where departed souls find rest.



#3. This terrifying Russian bridge has a creepy view. Even creepier: The bridge is still in use.

#4. The Big Pineapple in Bathurst, Eastern Cape is the biggest artificial pineapple in the world. It serves as a museum for the pineapple production industry in the region — and has amazing views.


#5. This would be one hell of a thing to see when you looked out your bedroom window, wouldn’t it?

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