Wedding Photographer Hangs Off A 350 ft Cliff To Take These terrifying Shots.

It appears as though everybody is striving for irregular or off-the-divider wedding photographs nowadays, however these specific photos may very well exceed all of them.

Photographer Jay Philbrick and his wife Vicky take some amazing wedding photographs, showcasing the couples’ profound and undying affection for each other – however they likewise take them no less than 350 feet off the ground.

“I don’t really have to twist any arms to get models or subjects into the locations I’m interested in,” Philbrick said in an interview. “We are sort of known for this kind of photography, so many come to us looking for something different.”

These photographs certainly are distinctive, in the most breathtaking possible way . See them below..

Philbrick takes couples’ wedding photos in extreme settings, like up on this 350-foot cliff.

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